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Ship-in-a-Bottle: Portrait of Reg ‘Jock’ Jobson ©2019 (Watercolour, 32 x 38 cm.)

I met Scottish-born Reg ‘Jock’ Jobling at the 2019 My State Bank Australian Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart, Tasmania.

A master of the art of the ship-in-a-bottle, Jock’s unique craft began as a slow rehabilitation following an horrendous motorcycle accident and is all the more amazing considering the damage to his arms and hands.

Historic 19th century vessels sail in specially selected bottles which are then mounted on beautiful Tasmanian driftwood.




The original painting  was created on high quality heavy weight French Arches watercolour paper and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Also available as a fine museum-grade giclee print on paper or on linen canvas to your preferred size.