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Lord Algy of HMAS Cerberus (1937-1949) ©2019 (Pastel, 36 x 39 cm.)

A case of mistaken identity!

While on a visit to HMAS Cerberus Base Museum in 2018 I became fascinated with a black & white photograph of a handsome frog-faced white bulldog in Navy coat & cap.

Apparently Lord Algy’ who arrived on base around 1937 was a bit of a disaster as a mascot & was finally sent packing to a new home in 1949.

His predecessor was Champion Bulldog of Australia ‘Bruce of Woodside’ who achieved the rank of 3 Badge Petty Officer, although he was later demoted to Leading Seaman for canine crimes & misdemeanours. The rank on this dog’s jacket attests to the latter, and there was some reason to believe the image was in fact Bruce, but sadly he died in 1935. 

However the Museum of Victoria holds a collection of 304 photos taken by Able Seaman David R. Goodwin R.A.N. during his posting to Cerberus in late 1938, and among these images is the infamous ‘Lord Algy’ himself!
Case closed.