Load testing, Heritage Crane Spectacle Island (2017)

In this painting, the protagonists are Tony Taranto (marine engineer) standing by, Mark ‘Marky the Sparky’ Taylor (ships’ electrician) filling the water-bag, and David Glasson (shipwright) in the old Broadbent crane at the back of Spectacle Island, Sydney. Their objective is to lift the load to get readings for the crane brakes.

Mark Taylor, an Englishman by descent, had originally worked on the same Broadbent cranes at Chatham Dockyards, and was familiar with the electrics & brakes.

When I inquired about the age of the crane, David thought it dated to the early 1940s based on the manufacturer’s electrical diagram manual. According to their timeline however,  Broadbent & Sons ceased to manufacture cranes in the 1930s…close enough!

Regardless, it’s a lovely piece of engineering heritage and it’s still operational after 80+ years!

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