AWB 0369


Army Work Boat 0369 (formerly 4011 ‘SOBRAON’) by Victoria Kitanov ©2017.

AWB 0369 (formerly 4011) was built by Lars Halvorsen Sons Pty Limited at Ryde, N.S.W. in 1966.
She was used as a tender for the trials of the 12-metre America’s Cup contender ‘Gretel’ prior to being purchased by the Royal Australian Navy.

Also named ‘Sobraon’ for a period, she now has the number 0369.

[Source: The Register of Australian and New Zealand Ships and Boats: a comprehensive resource for maritime enthusiasts and historians. Administered by Mr Mori Flapan.]

In this artwork, AWB 0369 – painted with it’s historic number 4011 – sits alongside Spectacle Island dock, with a view spanning from Balmain (including Snapper Island) to Drummoyne, N.S.W.

The original artwork (Watercolour & Pencil, 44 x 30 cm.) by Australian artist Victoria Kitanov ©2017 is available as a Limited Edition print.

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