The Boatman

The Boatman

The Boatman: Portrait of Gary Richardson by Victoria Kitanov ©2016

Mr Gary ‘Richo’ Richardson was a former Work Boat Driver & Staff Member at Snapper Island, Sydney. His late father, Alan Richardson, was Sea Cadet No. 1 (c1921) and later, Keeper of the Sydney Training Depot, Snapper Island.

In The Boatman, ‘Richo’ revisits Building 37, Spectacle Islandafter many years. In the background is the partially restored MATILDA, the Royal Australian Navy Standard Motor Launch (1910), ex-H.M.A.S. Parramatta (I), but it is the scale model replica of MATILDA that has captured Gary’s attention. Constructed by Mr David Glasson, the model is accurate in every detail.

See: Matilda waltzes above the water for National Maritime Museum festival [Article/video] By Peter Munro, Sydney Morning Herald (14 April, 2016)

See also: The Master Modeller: Portrait of David Glasson by Victoria Kitanov ©2017

The Boatman original artwork (Watercolour, 50 x 72 cm.) is available as a Limited Edition print.

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