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Sea Bee: In Memory of Chris Bryan (1955-2019) ©2018 (Watercolour, 68 x 42 cm.)

SEA BEE(Chris Bryan, Master & Commander) ©2018 (Watercolour, 42 x 68 cm.)
Commissioned by Jenny Bryan, Putney, N.S.W.

One of the loveliest men I have had the good fortune to have met through my partner David was Chris  Bryan.

For Chris and his wife Jenny, their little boat SEA BEE represented family holidays with their kids at little beach coves along the Sydney harbour waterways, weekend drinks & fishing with good friends, and a lifetime of very happy memories.

By the time Chris and Jenny commissioned this painting, Chris was seriously ill. At one point, when I was really struggling with some of the technical aspects of the painting, David gently reminded me that there was a man out there who was no longer able to visit his beloved boat, but who could see in his mind’s eye a painting of it on a blank wall in his home.

It was a reminder to me to stop sweating the small stuff and to remember why, and for whom I was creating this artwork.

It was a privilege to have met Chris Bryan and to have created a painting that counted among his favourite things at his funeral service.

Vale Chris (1955-2019)

‘…Now Voyager, sail though forth, to seek and find…’
From The Untold Want by Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass, (1891-2)