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YENDYS: Portrait of George McGoogan and an historic 18-foot skiff ©2019 (Watercolour, 57 x 76 cm.); with permission to recreate an original black & white image granted by the Photographer, David Liddle.

“Victoria approached me to create a painting of a heritage sailing scene I had photographed in black & white featuring George McGoogan at Cockatoo Island. George stood alongside the facsimile YENDYS, an 18-foot skiff created by the apprentices under George’s careful guidance.

Victoria took pains to visit the Island and source the shipwright shed with slips where the photograph was taken in 1983. She made notes of shapes, surfaces and colours of every feature and reproduced them perfectly to restore dynamism and colour in the painting.

She was able to change the orientation to suit her artistry introducing roof and wall detail not featured in the original photograph.”

David Liddle, Archival Heritage Photos, Birchgrove, N.S.W.

YENDYS: Portrait of George McGoogan & an historic 18-foot skiff ©2019 (Watercolour, 57 x 76 cm.)


VINCENT DEE: Portrait of Gary Roberts with model Clyde Puffer, version 2©2019 Victoria Kitanov 2019 (Watercolour, 50.5 x 60 cm)

“WOW and WOW! I can’t say enough how beautiful you have done [the artwork]. Amazing! Mum…is going to be so surprised, as will DAD! Thanks so very much xx”
Tricia Bridges, Daughter of Pauline & Gary Roberts & ‘Go-Between’

“I saw the painting this morning… [audible sigh] …It is more than great… Thank you! It’s really, really good!”
Pauline Roberts, Glenorchy, Tasmania

VINCENT DEE: Portrait of Gary Roberts with model Clyde Puffer ©2019 (Watercolour, 53 x 63 cm.)


MISCHA: Grand Banks (GB999QN) ©2019 (Watercolour, 40 x 60 cm.)

“Victoria…just wanted to let you know that Danny absolutely loved, loved, LOVED the painting! He’s amazed at the detail. Again, thank you!”

“Dearest Victoria, thank you so much for our painting of MISCHA. Danny is totally thrilled with it and the detail is spectacular! He spends so much time admiring everything – the boat, the background, our house – everything!! You are so VERY talented!”
Sarah Novati, Concord, N.S.W.

MISCHA: Grand Banks GB999QN ©2019 (Watercolour, 40 x 60 cm.)


The Adorable Taffy Dora, in Memoriam ©2019 (Watercolour & Pencil, 31 x 44 cm.)

“OUTSTANDING!!! Dear Victoria, I wish there were words in our English language that could describe the exact and true way I feel whenever I look at your drawing/painting of my Taffy Dora.

Taffy Dora (did you know that ‘Dora’ was short for adorable?) …was the one constant in my life for 16 years. When my children grew and left home, she was there beside me and comforted me through my ‘empty nest’ period. When my husband was transferred overseas, Taffy was with me through all the lonely days after being taken from all my friends and family, then three years later when I had to say goodbye to my wonderful new friends! And, there were many, many more times she sat beside me, often kissing away my tears.

I know this might be all a ‘bit much’ for the testimonial I want to give you, but I firmly believe you could never know how deeply I love your rendition of Taffy, without knowing just a fraction of the love I felt for her.

Victoria, I look into my baby’s eyes and see her little soul shining through… just as if she were still with me; I look at her coat and can almost feel that silky softness I stroked so often during those 16 years; her cheeky, playful stance; her wagging tail…you captured her perfectly…you brought her to life.

Thank you, Victoria, with love…”

Fifi Smith, Stony Rise, Devonport, Tasmania

The Adorable Taffy Dora, in Memoriam ©2019 (Wash & Pencil, 31 x 44 cm.)


Royal Australian Navy Hydrographic Section Antarctic Expedition (1956): Landing at Nelly Island off Casey Station ©2019 (Watercolour, 26 x 45 cm.)

“Victoria, the painting is ABSOLUTELY SENSATIONAL! Where’s it going to hang? Absolutely great painting which should be shown in the Australian Antarctic Division Magazine and the ANARE Club Magazine. You might have to do one of the modern ASV Wyatt Earp at Casey Station. Would like to see that and if okay with you, have it published in ANARE (Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions) Magazine”
Kevin Slade, Lieutenant (Retired), Royal Australian Navy Hydrographic Section.

R.A.N. Hydrographic Section Antarctic Expedition (1956) ©2019 (Watercolour, 26 x 40.5 cm.)


SEA BEE (Chris & Jenny Bryan) © 2018 (Watercolour, 42 x 68 cm.)

“Dear Victoria, thank you, thank you, thank you!! We are truely grateful for the magnificent painting you have created for us of ‘SEA BEE’.

Your attention to detail was above & beyond. You are very talented! We now have memories of ‘SEA BEE’ & Chris & Pippa on canvas to cherish forever.”
Love, Chris & Jenny Bryan

Sea Bee: In Memory of Chris Bryan (1955-2019) ©2018 (Watercolour, 68 x 42 cm.)


Portrait of Spice, in Memoriam © 2018 (Pastel, 31 x 44 cm.)

“Victoria, you have beautifully captured the heart and soul of my recently departed English short haired pointer, Spice.
Thank you xx”

Mary Mertin Ryan, Royalla, N.S.W.

Portrait of Spice, in Memoriam ©2018 (Pastel, 31 x 44 cm.)


In Loving Memory: Spice & Bravo ©2019 (Pastel, 31 x 44 cm.)

“We absolutely loved it! Thank you so much!”
Mary Mertin Ryan & Terry Ryan, Royalla, N.S.W.

In Loving Memory: Spice and Bravo ©2019 (Pastel, 31 x 44 cm.)

MT Ted Noffs


Built by Bill: Sydney Ports Corp 'MT Ted Noffs' built to scale by Bill Elbourne, with owner John Woodley, St George Model Boat Club ©2020 (Watercolour, 57 x 57 cm.)

"Wow! I'm stunned for words. You're an amazing artist, talented beyond belief. I still can't believe your gift in capturing the model of MT Ted Noffs as I built her, even with the crewman climbing up to the fire monitor... Victoria you have captured the model beautifully and me to a tee...It's fantastic!"
Bill Elbourne, Shortland, N.S.W.

Built by Bill: Scale model Sydney Ports Corp Tug MTS Ted Noffs ©2020 (Watercolour, 57 x 57 cm.)


The Jetty Mermaids, Coffs Harbour, 1942 ©2019 (Watercolour, 55 x 56.5 cm.)

"Thank you for embracing Mum and myself in your creative process. Am deeply appreciative of the support and purpose you have given Mum at this time of her life. Took The Jetty print to her on Sunday afternoon. She chattered about her memories of that day. True they went to The Jetty because there were lots of young men there." ~ Maria Capsanis, Avalon, N.S.W.

The Jetty Mermaids ©2019 (Watercolour, 55 x 56.5 cm.)

Pets and Mascots


Ute Dogs I: Portrait of Sam & Jessie (Pastel,35 x 47.5 cm.)

"Victoria - Thank you very much." ~ Dave Shanahan, Cobar, N.S.W.

Ute Dogs I: Portrait of Sam & Jessie ©2020 (Pastel, 47.5 x 35 cm.)

Pets and Mascots


Ute Dogs II: Portrait of Sam & Jessie (Pastel, 29.5 x 39 cm.)

"Very well done. Even got the artificial grass. Still getting the details out of it. I really like that. Rusty side-board, water bucket, and the "oh, are we going somewhere" look on them....Print arrived today. Surprise parcel made my month...Thank you very much. Very nice work." ~ Dave Shanahan, Cobar, N.S.W.

Ute Dogs II: Portrait of Sam & Jessie ©2020 (Pastel, 39 x 29.5 cm.)